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Where the Pros Come

the brand box

The brand box is the ultimate must-have for individuals and companies that need help with their brand. It’s the perfect solution for businesses, start-ups and personalities, who are specifically looking to grow their presence and position their brand.  The goal of the brand box is to provide simple, tactical and automatic support to brands, businesses and individuals who need help thinking through, building and positioning their brand; without the long-term commitments or expensive price tags of the traditional agencies and services.


Here is where you will find the tools and resources to help set you apart.

 We are a team that specializes in growing brands. We have shaped and managed brands ourselves - both big and small - and have worked with some of the biggest brands of our time. We come from agencies, creative teams and competitive industries that have shaped us into leading pros and practitioners. Our guidance and professional development, is based on evidence, experience and results...and that sets us apart. 

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Step 1


Virtual consultation and then select package

Step 2

Planning + Development

Preliminary planning and brand build-out takes place

Step 3

Packaged and Shipped

Your brand is boxed, shipped and on it's way to you

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The pro box

The pro box is for professionals and practitioners looking for additional tools and resources to hone their skills. This kit will help you organize your life, develop power habits and create content that will set you apart.

the brand box

for non-profits, businesses and start-ups

This brand box was created to provide businesses with the support they need to build out and streamline their brand.  From developing presentations, to creative and organizational support, this blue box allows businesses to be well-branded, while growing business.

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brand box benefits

  • Flat Fee

  • Simple Process

  • No Long-Term Commitments

  • Developed by a Branding Expert

  • Streamlined Communications

  • Focus on Immediate Needs

  • Fully on-demand service

for non-profits, businesses and startups

  • Branded Business Templates

  • Business Infrastructure

  • Copywriting + Messaging

  • Website Design

  • Design Bios/CVs/Resumes

  • Custom Presentations

  • Create Marketing Materials

  • Develop Advertising Materials

  • Social Media Assets

  • Press Releases

  • Sales, Media and other Pitches

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